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컴퓨터로 들으려고
  • 작성일 : 2009-05-27
  • 조회수 : 1241
  • 작성자 : 박희옥

 컴퓨터로 들으려고 하는데 on- air 를 클릭하니 서버를 찾을수없다고 뭐가 문제인가요?
RE :컴퓨터로 들으려고
  • 작성자 Busan e-FM
  • 작성일 2009-05-27 14:14:35

Hello, this is Busan e-FM.

Sorry for all this inconvenience.


We are still developing/updating our homepage, so the system is still unstable.

We are now closely working with our technician to solve this problem swiftly.

I believe by the end of today, you will not find any problem with 'internet on-air service'


Thank you for listening to Busan e-FM.


Sincerley yours,

Busan e-FM


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