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[COVID-19] Routes of Patients #101 ~ in Busan (October 24 17:00)
  • 작성일 : 2020-03-29
  • 조회수 : 17063
  • 작성자 : BeFM
Date and Time 코로나 현황표입니다.
Date and Time October 24 17:00
Total Patients (Cumulative) 584
Discharged Patients (Cumulative) 469
Patients (New Patients Today) 108 (1)
Deceased Patients 7


Please avoid going outside and take extra caution about personal hygiene, such as wearing a mask or washing hands, until the COVID-19 settles down.

If you are suspecting minor symptoms, please rest at home for 2~3 days. If you are still ina doubt and show suspected symptoms, call 1339 (or 1345 for foreign language service) or inquire a medical center near you.

Also, please call the medical center in advance to make an appointment before visits.


Here are routes of them. (Last updated 17:30,  Oct 18) 

City, Gu/Gun, Category, Location, Address, D Tof Visit, Disinfection의 Here are routes of them 표
City Gu/Gun Category Location Address D&Tof Visit Disinfection
Busan Buk-gu Buk-gu #9 Samjin Transportation Boarded at Mandeok Jugong Apartment #3 Disembarked at BukBusan Nohyub ShinMandeok branch October 13, Tuesday
Busan Buk-gu Buk-gu #9 Samjin Transportation Boarded at Baeyang sangga, Disembarked at Mandeok Jugong Apartment #3 October 12, Monday 12:52~12:56 Completed
Busan Buk-gu Village Bus#8 Samjin Transportation Boarded at Mandeok Samsung Apartment, Disembarked at Hanshin Apartment Middle Gate October 13, Tuesday
Busan Sasang-gu Restaurant 수백당 돼지국밥
(Subackdang Pork & Rice Soup)
86, Mora-Ro, Sasang-gu, Busan
October 12, Monday
Busan Buk-gu Village Bus#8 Samjin Transportation Boarded at Mandeok Samsung Apartment, Disembarked at Hanshin Apartment Middle Gate October 9, Friday 16:43~16:48 Completed
Busan Yeonje-gu Explanation Session (Tourist Bus) Rei County Association Member General Meeting A spot of Lay County Geoje 2 district, Yeonje-gu October 9, Friday 13:30~16:00 Completed
Busan Haeundae-gu Model House Rei County Model House 1522-beonji, Udong, Haeundae-gu October 9, Friday 10:39 ~ 11:51 Completed
Busan Buk-gu Shuttle Bus Sangrok Hanshin Hyuplus Apartment Shuttle Bus - Boarded at Apartment, Disembarked at Deokcheon-dong - Boarded at Deokcheon-dong, Disembarked at Apartment October 12, Monday 10:50~11:00

October 12, Monday 11:50~12:00
Busan Busanjin-gu Restaurant Pyeonanhan Babjib
(편안한 밥집)
6, 703beon Na-gil, Gayadae-ro, Busanjin-gu (Danggam-dong) October 6, Tuesday ~ October 8, Thrusday Completed
Busan Buk-gu Bus (#111) Samjin Transportation Boarded at Mandeok Greencoa, Disembarked at Dongmun Goodmorning Hill Apartment October, 8 13:56~13:59 Completed
Busan Sasang-gu Cafe Yoghurpresso Sin Jurye-branch
(요거프레소 신주례점)
372-33 Baekyangdae-ro, Sasang-gu October 8, Thursday 12:38~15:20 Completed
Busan Busanjin-gu Restaurant Somunnanjib
69 Sincheondae-ro 65beon-gil, Busanjin-gu (Beomcheon-dong) October 5, Monday 20:05~21:01 Completed
Busan Sasang-gu Public Bath/Gym Namjeong-tang
[(남정탕) / For users of Women's, Men's bath and gym]
12, Jinsa-ro 36beon-gil, Sasang-gu (Jurye-dong) September 20, Sunday ~ October 4, Sunday Completed
Busan Yeonje-gu Sauna Doctor Meports
5F, 42 Geojesijang-ro, Yeonje-gu (Geoje-dong) September 26, Saturday 12:38~15:30

September 27, Sunday 12:48~15:16

September 29, Tuesday 11:40~14:39

September 30, Wednesday 11:13~14:35

October 1, Thursday 09:05~11:09 October 2, Friday 08:52~10:13