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[COVID-19] City of Busan Q&A for COVID-19 (Feb. 27, 2020)
  • 작성일 : 2020-03-02
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City of Busan Q&A for COVID-19
-Feb. 27, 2020-


1. Why is the number of confirmed cases different between the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) and the City of Busan website?


Firstly, the City of Busan announces positive test results immediately, but the KCDC makes official announcements after the epidemiological survey is completed, which could result in minor differences.

Also, the KCDC reports confirmed cases based on the initial reporting site, which includes patients who were tested positive in Busan but do not live in Busan.

(one individual in this category as of Feb 27, 2020)


2. Can you disclose the confirmed patients’ apartment number and/or specific address?


The City of Busan only discloses locations where enough contact may have been made in terms of time or space to cause concerns for infection. The city does not disclose patients’ personal information.

There is no concern for infection in a location where a confirmed patient simply passed by.

The City concluded that disclosing the addresses of confirmed patients would not be constructive in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


3. When will you disclose the routes for Busan patient #7?


Much of the epidemiological survey depends upon the patient’s statements, with other information traced through financial information such as credit/debit card usage, and Google location tracking or other similar applications.



Regarding patient 7, the City ruled that it is premature to disclose the routes given the inconsistency of his statements.

As for financial information, the KCDC has the sole right to request such information. The City of Busan has made the request to the KCDC, and that process may take some time. 

Additionally, each district and/or county makes its own judgement on disclosing the routes for confirmed patients, and thus may result in some discrepancy with the City’s information.


4. How has the City been handling Sincheonji?


As of February 27, the City of Busan has received the list of 14,521 members from the Ministry of Interior and Safety. The City plans on completing the total enumeration survey within the day. Officials are checking for the individuals’ current residency, symptoms, and whether they visited the Daegu Sincheonji Church. Officials are also advising that every member put him/herself under self-quarantine. The police are also cooperating in this task.

Furthermore, designated public officials will check in with everyone via telephone for symptoms and self-quarantine status twice a day for the next two weeks.






5. How has the City been handling Oncheon Church?


As of February 27, the City of Busan has called the 1,104 members of Oncheon Church and put them under self-quarantine. The City has also registered and is managing these individuals.

130 people attended the church seminar; 98 people have been tested, with 78 negative and 20 positive results.

The City has requested for the immediate testing of the 32 remaining individuals to the respective health centers.




6. What is the status of the hospitals under cohort quarantine (cohort isolation)?


As of February 27, there are two hospitals under cohort quarantine: Asiad Hospital (아시아드 요양병원) and Sharing and Happiness Hospital (나눔과 행복 재활요양병원).

Currently, the authorities have competed tests for the 315 patients and staff of Asiad Hospital: 312 negative, 1 positive, and 2 awaiting results.

For the Sharing and Happiness Hospital, only the fifth and sixth floors of the building have been put under cohort isolation.

A cohort isolation means quarantine of an entire group or location and may be enforced over the entire building or only over certain areas of the building.

All patients on the sixth floor have tested negative. The fifth floor is still under testing.

The entire hospital building has been disinfected.




7. How are the conditions of the confirmed patients?


Most of the confirmed patients are in stable condition. Many of the younger patients exhibit little to no symptoms. Some of the elderly patients, including those transferred from Daenam Hospital show minor pneumonia symptoms but none are in serious condition.

For one to be deemed fully recovered, they must test negative in two consecutive tests, 48 hours apart.

One patient (Busan patient 50) has fully recovered and was discharged on March 2.





8. Can I visit a place that was on the route of a confirmed patient?


The infectivity of COVID-19 decreases dramatically once it is in the air and dies off completely within the day once disinfected.
Therefore, there is no cause for concern once a location has been disinfected and ventilated.