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Predicament Management

What is Predicament Management?

  • A system that protects the rights and interests of citizens by voluntarily working to prevent any harm due to the media according to the law of press arbitration

Rights and Duties of Predicament Management

  • Investigate on violation of the press
  • Advise to correct false press report that causes defamation or deprives the benefit and protection of the lawRecommend correct report, objection, or compensation for damage of the victims
  • Additional consultation of protecting the listeners,the readers or viewers rights, interests, and any violation

Subject for Application

  • Violation of right of likeness, defamation, violation of human rights, or property of damage caused by BEFM English Broadcast
  • Violation of rights and interests from the broadcasting program or report within the 30 days of release

Exceptions of Subject for Application

  • In the case related to the third-party, specific organization, and the profit or damage of an interest group
  • In the case when the applicant is not an individual, but a business or an organization
  • In the case where other legal help is in the process or requires decision by the court
  • In the case of the applicant being a public official with the broadcast program related to ones work ?? How to Apply
  • Download and fill out the appointed form of Applying for Predicament Management from the homepage and
  • mail or fax with necessary documents.
  • Mailing Address: 1475,Centum venture town 4F, Wu 2Dong, haeundae Gu, Busan Metropolitan city
  • Contact number: 051)663-0053 / FAX: 051)663-0019
  • Application for Listener's Predicament Management DOWN

Notice when Applying

  • Any application with falsified personal information or criticism with profanity will not be processed The issue will not be processed when the date has been elapsed over 30 days or the subject is clearly out of review

Operation performance

  • Total number of issues received : 0
  • Simple reply : 0, Corrected broadcast : 0

Annual operation performance

  • 2017yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2016yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2015yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2014yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2013yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2012yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2011yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2010yr : Total number of issues received : 0
  • 2009yr : Total number of issues received : 0

Predicament Management

· Name
Ken Shin
· Position
Technical Operations Deputy General Manager
· career
Graduated from Dong-A University
Music Director at KNN (2005 ~ 2008)
Head Engineer at BeFM (Current)


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