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Overview of Programs

We know everything about travel! What? You’re not a tourist? Well then let us turn your daily city life into an exciting travel experience.


Daily Corners

  • Today you’d better : Everything you better know about Busan! An up-to-date mini-guide to places, events, weather and traffic in Busan! Go travel Busan today!
  • Daily Korean with Yuna : Let’s study some tricky Korean expressions! Everything you didn’t know you need to know about Korea. You Know?

Weekly Corners

  • Monday
    • What happened over the weekend : What happened in Busan over the weekend? Let’s check it out!
    • Culture Vulture : Before you go on a trip, its always good to know a little about the laws and customs of your destination. We explore culture like a vulture to bring you the need-to-know info!
  • Tuesday
    • Guess What? : Challenge Laura to a quiz all about Busan and travel. Beat Laura and win a prize!
    • Bring it on : Time to get series about health, fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle right here in Busan. It’s time to Bring it On!
  • Wednesday
    • Our Busan : Are you curious to know about our community lifestyle in Busan? Take a listen!
    • Behind the Scenery : why did the Sphinx lose its nose? Who built the Taj Mahal? We get behind the scene to dig deeper into the stories of your favorite tourist spots.
  • Thursday
    • Home away from home : Do you want to visit famous tourist attractions abroad? But don’t have time or cash? We introduce great places in Busan with a similar atmosphere to all those famous tourist attractions around the world.
    • Journey into Cinema : Travel the world through the beauty of Cinema!
  • Friday
    • Fright Bite : Do you want to taste some special dishes from all around the world? Here’s a plateful of unique and dynamic food that might leave you terrified! Are you brave enough to take a bite?
    • Busan Now : Let’s take a look at all the up-to-date news events and tips for traveling in Busan.
  • Saturday
    • It’s a Record : We check out who’s breaking records all over the world.
    • On the road Busan Extra : Enjoy the relaxing chit-chat with Laura and Yuna about what’s been going over the past week.
  • Sunday
    • Tunes for the road : Music makes traveling even more special, so here’s some back to back music perfect for your journey.
    • Hello Fukuoka : What’s going on in Busan’s sister city, Fukuoka, Japan? Let’s talk about events, festivals and news in Fukuoka with Tom.G from Love FM!
    • World Music : Travel the world without leaving your room! World music takes us on a musical journey to all the corners of the globe.

Staff and Cast

  • Producer :Changmin Ji
  • Host : Laura McLuckie Jeon
  • Writer : Yuna Jang