BeFM School Reporters

BeFM School Reporters 11:12~12:00 Every Sunday


Time (시간)

  • SUN 11:13~12:00
  • MON 00:00~01:00 (RE)

Introduction of the program (프로그램 소개)

내가 만드는 학교뉴스!
영어실력과는 상관없이 열정과 노력이면 OK!
School Reporters들이 본인의 학교 뉴스를 직접 취재, 구성하여 진행하는 BeFM School Reporters!
그들이 만들어가는 열정 가득한 방송, 함께하시죠!

Create your very own school news!
You don’t need to be good at English, we’re just looking for someone who is passionate and hard working.
Students become journalists and announcers in BeFM School Reporters!
Stay tuned for the fun-filled passionate broadcast created by them.

이 프로그램은 BeFM 부산영어방송과 부산광역시가 함께 합니다. This program is brought to you by BeFM 부산영어방송 and Busan Metropolitan City. | 2018년 신청은 마감되었습니다. The application process is already finished.

BeFM School Reporters Staff (만드는 사람들)

Producer : Cho Yunjin(조윤진), Coordinator : Belle Kim(벨 킴), Writer : Hyerang Yang(양혜랑)