Morning Classics

Morning Classics



  • Saturday, Sunday 07:00 ~ 09:00 (AM)
  • Monday 03:00 ~ 05:00 (AM)

Overview of Programs

  • The Morning Classics will get you going for the weekend, keep you inspired, and even discover interesting facts about the world of Classical music.


Dawning on the classics

  • Greet the morning with inspiring Classic favorites.

Instrument's corner

  • Each week experience an instrument in a new and fresh way.

Opera theater

  • Join the workshop as we explore the magic of Opera.

Musician's insights

  • Find a new favorite performer while experiencing the art and life of prominent and upcoming musicians.

Classical covers

  • Highlighting the great Classics covered by great contemporary performers.s

Simply Symphonic

  • A segment devoted to all things Symphonic.

Staff and Cast

  • Executive Producer : Mikyung Shin
  • Producer : Hyun Joon Jang
  • Host : Christopher Temporelli
  • Writer : Christopher Temporelli