Inside out Busan

Inside out Busan 18:15~20:00(Monday~Friday) 18:00~20:00(Saturday~Sunday)


Air Time

  • Monday - Friday 18:15 ~ 20:00

Overview of programs

After a long day at work, tune out your stress by tuning in to IOB. Our mix of all things Busan, entertaining and informative talks, real time news, plus marvelous music is a great way to finish off your day.

Daily Segments

  • Real Time Search Light
    • Overview of the most-searched key words presently.
  • IOB News Rundown
    • Today's hottest news and stories.
  • Busan Here & Now
    • Local news, events, festivals…everything Busan

Weekly Segments


  • What’s Going on Busan
    • Your weekly guide to enjoy Busan
  • Mister Mom
    • Real survival stories of a rookie foreign dad


  • Busan Exposed!
    • The history, stories, and urban legends about our city you never knew about...until now!
  • The Conspiracy Files
    • Uncovering the deepest, darkest conspiracies of the world


  • Checkin’ it Out Busan
    • Busan in real time through the eyes of a foreigner.
  • Survive Korea
    • A survival language course with fun short skits for Busan lovers!


  • BusanGram
    • Follow by ear the stories about Busan.
  • Behind the Curtain
    • Coverage of hot issues but from behind the scenes.


  • Fun Facts
    • Are you kidding me? I never knew that! That can’t be true!
  • Open Studio
    • We invite people from all walks of life into our studio to share their stories.

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Yunjin Cho
  • Host : Mike Wheeler
  • Writer : Eunice Jeong, Claire Ha