Cine Concerto

Cine Concerto MON~SAT 20:05~21:00



Saturday~Sunday 18:00~20:00

Overview of Programs

Movie reviews, Korean & international movie news, and interesting conversations with film directors and film festival programmers about the Asian cinema and others.

Weekly Segments

  • Saturday
    • 1st hour
    • Cinema Headlines: Mike will talk about the week’s big stories from the world of film.
    • New Releases: Here is a guide to films opening each week. Mike and Ethan will give recommendations for new films, as well as older films worth checking out.
    • Film Festival Fever: News and stories from film festivals around the world.
    • Echoes of Cinema: Echoes of cinema is a weekly show that uses audio clips to take listeners on a thematic journey into the world of movies.
  • Sunday
    • 1st hour
    • Around the World in Film: : Each week Mike and Ethan will spotlight a selection of films from a different region of the world.
    • Box Office Results: Mike will give you the latest news from the box office.
    • The Cinephiles Club: Think you know movies? Join local film director Tim Paugh as he brings topics of discussion pertaining to the movie world. From the great and good to the bad and ugly, listen in on what these two gents have to say about various topics of cinema.

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Yunjin Cho
  • Host : Mike Wheeler
  • Writer : Ethan Campbell