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  • MON~SAT 16:00~18:00
  • TUE~SUN 03:00~05:00(RE)

About Corners

Daily segments

  • What's Going On? : We'll get to learn some English words while going through some of the day's news.
  • Heart-to-Heart : We give the opportunity for a listener to let off some steam as they honestly share some of their stories.
  • The Voice : Listening and learning from various voices from all across the world

Weekly segments

  • Monday
    • Keywords of the week with Lee Jae Hun: Keep up to date with keywords that are hot issues here in Korea. We have the latest news domestically and internationally.
    • Situation Animation with Hailey : Easily Learning English through great animations to master speaking in English.
  • Tuesday
    • Late Night Chit Chat with Three Ladies: Thinking outside of the box regarding fixed ideas with a hint of English. (Tina, Belle)
    • Dear, Doctor Jo with Jo Won Yeong (Noah hospital) : We have a professional psychiatrist to help you with your difficult situations
  • Wednesday
    • Step by Step 5 levels: A quiz corner where the citizens of Busan will help describe a word and it will get easier with every hint.
    • Standard of Busan Dialect : Learning the Busan Dialect through movies and seeing how it's used in the Seoul dialect and English.
  • Thursday
    • Oldies but Goodies with Kim Ji Yoon : Learning about Traditional Korean music in a trendy now light!
    • I Can Speak Quiz : Listening Quiz useful expressions in English
  • Friday
    • Please translate! It's up to you. : Listening will have a chance to translate an Old-pop song and provide their feelings!
    • Inside North Korea : Taking a look inside North Korea before the unification takes place.
  • Saturday
    • The Voice of Bravo Reviewed
    • Eric's World news

Staff and Cast

  • Executive Producer : Jung Im Yoo
  • Producer : Jung Im Yoo
  • Co-Producer : Eric Lee
  • Host : Jung Im Yoo, Eric Lee
  • Writer : Su jin Lim