Bravo! My Life!

Bravo! My Life! MON~SAT 16:00~18:00



  • Monday ~ Saturday 20:00~22:00

About Corners

Overview of programs

  • Local program containing Current Affairs, Information of Culture and English for the 'older adults' starting the 2nd chapter of their life.
  • With four different co-hosts bringing their distinct characteristics on designated day of the week.
  • Current issues with the person of interest while a chance to improve English!

Weekly segments

  • Jung Im Yoo's Scribble: Unfolding the day with current affairs.
  • Current Affairs at Night: A segment to browse hot current affairs and local news through interviews.
  • Old Pop English: A walk down the memory lane learning English with Old Pop.

Daily segments

  • Monday
    • 1st Half: Haley's Current Issues
    • - Learning English through hot current affairs.
    • 2nd Half: Busan Start-Ups - Here they come!
    • - Learning English through American TV shows.
  • Tuesday
    • 1st Half: Belle's American TV Heaven
    • - Learning English through American TV shows.
    • 2nd Half: Dear Dr. Kim ( Director Min Cheol Kim of Min Cheol Kim’s Department of Psychiatry Clinic)
    • - Mental health counseling with a specialist. ( We accept our listener’s stories on our website.)
  • Wednesday
    • 1st Half: Belle’s Delicious Food Culture
    • - Learning English through food and more!
    • 2nd Half: Current Affairs reporter Soo Hyun Lee to the scene!
    • - Covering and reporting Busan Current Affairs on foot!
    • IT. A look into the Future ( Jin Il Kim Professor from Dong Eui University)
    • - In the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we look into the future through IT.
  • Thursday
    • 1st Half: Kenny’s TOEFL BOEFLE
    • - Time to learn English Conversation through TOEFL format easily with Funny Kenny.
    • 2nd Half:
    • - Music to change your mind ( Ji Yoon Kim ).
    • - A segment to meet traditional music through a new gaze.
    • Answer the Quiz and go to Osaka!
    • - Situation quiz segment for a chance to win a round trip to Osaka, Japan!
  • Friday
    • 1st Half: Sunny’s English Konglish
    • - Time to learn English pronunciation, just repeat after Sunny!
    • 2nd Half: Silly intern Joon Young’s Silly Slogan!
    • A segment where listeners can participate. Learn fun and easy English through slogans!
  • Saturday
    • 1st Half: English review through the week’s exciting segments.
    • 2nd Half: World News with Co-Hosts

Staff and Cast

  • Executive Producer : Jung Im Yoo
  • Host : Jung Im Yoo (Everyday) / Haley (Mon) / Belle (Tues,Wed) / Kenny (Thurs) / Sunny (Fri)
  • Writer : Sung Cheol Im