2PM Music Stage

2PM Music Stage



Everyday 14:05~16:00

Mon ~ Sun 05:00~07:00 (Re-run)

Overview of Programs

"2PM Music Stage" is a daily music show. We introduce various kinds of music (pop, rock, kpop, jazz, old pop). We also get lots of real time song requests.

Daily Segments

  • Love Music
    • We will introduce romantic, tender and easy listening music for those times when the heart wants what it wants.
  • Everyday Mix
    • We are going to play mixes, remixes, mash ups & extended mixes. Each mix features enough well-known tracks to keep it interesting.

Daily Segments (Mon~Fri)

  • Monday
    • Jazz Cafe - Introduce lots of great quality jazz music. It is all about Jazz on Monday afternoon.
  • Tuesday
    • Oldshool Jams - Introduce old school funk & soul & disco and early hip hop songs. And even old pop & country songs.
  • Wednesday
    • Song Meanings - Introduce the meanings behind the songs. It could be your favorite songs.
  • Thursday
    • TMI (Tina's Musical Information) - Introduce various kinds of musical genre songs with information!
  • Friday
    • Music and More with Michael - Michael brings us his unique perspective on the music he loves: Rock, New Wave, Post-Punk and Reggae.

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Ilan Nah
  • Host : Chad Kirton
  • Writer : Songhee Lee