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1779 [2019-07-22] Inside Out Busan [The material used for semiconductor] BeFM 2019-07-22
1778 [2019-07-19] Inside Out Busan [Which emoji do you use the most] AOD BeFM 2019-07-19
1777 [2019-07-18] Inside Out Busan [Weirdest questions on a job interview] AOD BeFM 2019-07-18
1776 [2019-07-17] Inside Out Busan [What is ‘Constitution Day’ called in Korea?] AOD BeFM 2019-07-17
1775 [2019-07-16] Inside Out Busan [Which country drive on the left] AOD BeFM 2019-07-16
1774 [2019-07-15] Inside Out Busan [Which country do Koreans migrate the most?] AOD BeFM 2019-07-15
1773 [2019-07-12] Inside Out Busan [How long is military service in Korea?] AOD BeFM 2019-07-12
1772 [2019-07-11] Inside Out Busan [What’s the name of prince in Little Mermaid] AOD BeFM 2019-07-11
1771 [2019-07-10] Inside Out Busan [Are sharks fish or mammals?] AOD BeFM 2019-07-10
1770 [2019-07-09] Inside Out Busan [How to help someone in abusive relationship] AOD BeFM 2019-07-09