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Hi~David : ) I have a request
Name Erin Date 2018-05-06 20:50:56

Hello David : )

I am listening to your news program and I wanted to thank you for your newscast. I usually listen to Prime News at 6 pm. Through that, I can listen or read to daily news quickly and efficiently. Normally I can get the script on the website but nowadays there are no more scripts for the news aired at 6pm-615pm. 

The reason that I leave this message here is that there is no other way to leave messages on the Prime News. Would you mind letting me know why there are no more scripts for the news broadcast at 6pm-615pm and if you can, will you post the news scripts like you normally would? If this is not your concern please let the person who may be of concern know.


I hope to hear from you soon : )

BeFM 2018-05-08 10:51:19

Hello Erin, Thank you for messaging your concern... We are aware of the unfortunate technical error we are facing... We hope to resolve it ASAP! Best, David

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