Morning Classics

Morning Classics
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Request for the title of the music
Name 김호성 Date 2017-07-08 09:19:26

Good day! BeFM guys.

Nowadays, I'm keen on 'Morning Classics'.

It makes me feel comfortable and relax,

so I'd like to know all the title of the music every weekend.

Could you upload the music lists on the bulletin board of the BeFM homepage like this 'Message Board'?

Anyway, I'm eagerly looking forward to listen to 'Morning Classics'.

Let's go 'Morning Classics' 

Busan e-FM 2017-07-13 10:41:50

Thanks for this post! So glad to hear your interest in the show and the music! Again, Let's go Morning Classics! And check in soon for our play list! Dr. T

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