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Name Han Nam Lee Date 2019-04-30 08:03:04

They forget some most importnat things.

First of all, they should represent the people, not their wahtever parties' benefit. I don't think they care

anymore about the people when I see and hear news from the national assembly house recently.

Another, they are politicians, not terrorist. Korea is a free country to say anything. Politicians can say

anything whatever they think(it should be good for the people). But if their opinion combine with any

violence acting, what is a diffenece between that politicians acting and bombing terrors?

I hope that all politicians do think  the fastrack is really helpful to teh people again without any violence

The answer is 2.. Democratic party  <-- I wonder do they really understand what is real democratic


P.S. Sorry for my poor english writing

katherine 2019-05-01 06:52:36

Hi again~thank you for your passionate response. Many people are frustrated at the politicians. You are not alone.

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