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Hi Chad, this is Jenny
Name 천유경 Date 2018-10-10 13:35:27

Hi Chad, I hope you could find this message well. This is Jenny and I have been your big fan since you were hosting midnight rider lol. I just wanted to say hi  and share my Canadian life as an old fan (Konglish lol) of your shows. 

I am currently working as a recruiter in North York, Ontario and I applied for Canadian PR card today with the support of my current company. I believe I am lucky enough to be able to carry on my career and relationships without giving in my freedom and loneliness as a young adult.

It took almost 4 years for me to puzzle out how to struggle, appreciate, and grow up with pains on my own feet. Looking back those days, I can’t stop thanking to anyone encouraged me to stick to this given life in every possible way.

Anyway my 20s will be at most a jackpot and at least a genuine daydream without regrets.

I really appreciate all of your efforts and talents for letting me dig into English, Hip-hop, and western culture throughout your shows. I would love to be the guest when I visit Korea either this year or next year.

Thank you!

BeFM 2018-12-01 18:44:08

Hello~ we introduced your message on the air (Oct 10). Thank you :)

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