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Name Shingo Morito Date 2018-08-10 14:16:43
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Konnichiwa, 앙녕하세요! This is my first time to tune into the program. I am visiting my wife’s family in Busan. I am from Miyazaki, Japan, which is located in Kyusyu. I am happy to know that I can listen to your station even from Japan through the app. Belle and Chad, keep up your good work!  I am listening at home with my 할머니 chiwawa, 아찌. She’s 20 years old. Please dedicate my request to my famly and my beloved man’s best friend! My request is “ You are my Sunbright” by Koo Keun Byul (구큰별), Ost for Revolutionary Love, if you don’t have this one, “Young Boy” by Paul Mc.Cartney!  Shingo Morito

BeFM 2018-09-28 16:50:04

Thank you for your messages~~

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