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'The Audio Travel Magazine to satisfy your imagination' Everything you need to know about Busan plus
Travel information for trendy travellers!
On the Road Busan


Daily Segments

  • On the Mic Busan : Stories about Busan and the people who live here
  • Daily Look_Magazine : A Travel Magazine with new contents everyday (Every Friday : Let’s go to Fukuoka! with DJ TOM G from Fukuoka Love FM)
  • Laura's Daily Korean : Learning practical Korean for your daily life

Weekly Segments


  • The Travel Report (with Musa Dan Karami) : The Travel Report is your segment that is about the latest domestic and international travel news and ideas to inspire your next trip.
  • The Artistic Road (with Suvi Soyeon Kim) : Introducing modern artists around the world, their work of art, where they are from, what inspired them, WHERE they got their inspiration from? We can find out about their favorite spot to express their love of art.


  • Bad Travelers (with Ryan Estrada) : Learn to make the best of your travels by hearing of journeys gone wrong!
  • Eat Play Love (with Tegan Smith) : Eat, enjoyhave fun! How to enjoy Busan to the fullest!


  • Modern Family (with Maureen Loose) : Family friendly places and events in Busan
  • KCT (with Tyler Mctavish) : KCT profiles one new K-city every week. Bringing you all the info you need to know before planning your next domestic getaway!


  • ORB Culture Quiz (with Ethan Campbell) : Cultural travels around the world in quiz form
  • Destination : Cinema (with Tim Paugh) : Explore popular travel destinations through the movies


  • Dark Tourism (with Andrew Murphy) : Talk about the dark side of tourism
  • What's up Busan (with Erin Wuchte) : Festivals and community events in Busan you don't want to miss!


  • “Hello Gwangju - Hello Busan” : This 2 hour tourism program is produced by GFN in Gwangju


  • “Hello Busan - Hello Gwangju” : 부산-광주 영어방송 교환 프로그램 (BeFM 부산영어방송 제작)
    • Weekend Planner (with Casey Mckeever) : Make your weekend plan with various festivals and events in Busan
    • This is Busan (with Yu Lian) : Busan quiz show, all about Busan
    • (Re)Eat Play Love with Tegan
    • (Re)Laura's Daily Korean

Staff and Cast

Jiyeong Min
Laura Mcluckie Jeon
Lim Sujin