• Introduction


Air Time

  • SUNDAY 16:00~18:00 (120min)

Overview of programs

Why spend? Join Michael every weekend for Sunday Jukebox. Find out what songs he'll select. Are they new songs? Classic songs? Maybe your favourites! It could be music from almost any genre. Tune in and listen to great music on our Sunday Jukebox

1st Half (16:00~17:00)

  • 1) Hot Right Now :
    • Who are the artists that are Hot Now? Find out who will be the new music Stars.
  • 2) Remakes :
    • Covering the Original; Hear some great new versions of songs. Some might be Hits, some you may never have heard before.
  • 3) Hits from Yesterday :
    • You'll hear the Top Hits from years past. Hits from the 50's to last year.

2nd Half (17:00~18:00)

  • 1) Eric's Jukebox :
    • Eric will take us on a musical journey. It's something new every week
  • 2) DJ Michael's Favourites :
    • What's Michael listening to these days? Who are the artists and groups he likes? Find out on this Segment.