• Introduction



  • Mon ~ Sat 11:00 ~ 12:00 (am)
  • Tue ~ Sun 00:00 ~ 01:00 (RE,am)

Overview of Programs

  • The Interview is a program that focuses on the most important subject: people. We get to hear the lives and stories of some of the most interesting and headline making people, as well as have the leaders of Busan’s politics, economy, society, culture and the arts, and even regular citizens living in this day and age. Through our program, we get a closer look into what modern day Busan is all about. (English and Korean interviews)


And They Said . (Mon ~ Fri)

  • BeFM News reporter David Kim will be joining this segment and bringing us the wise and inspirational words of renowned individuals, and sharing with us the life and times of those people.

Mind Digest (Mon ~ Fri)

  • Host Daniel with share with you some things that have been on his mind lately, hopefully to get our listeners thinking about them as well.

The Interview (Mon ~ Fri)

  • The main part of the program, a special guest joins us in the studio to share about their life, times, and work.

Interview Highlight(Sat)

  • A look back at the interviews throughout the week and the highlights from them.

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Ji Changmin
  • Host : Daniel Shin
  • Writer : Mira Park