• Introduction


Day and Time

  • Mon-Fri 22:00~24:00 (2hrs)


Every night we will cover a different theme, from interesting facts on an artist to famous love letters and wise words. Join in at 10 pm, Monday through Friday, for Night Beats under 1 of 5 daily themes. You can always leave song requests on the message board!

Weekly Segments

Monday's Musician :
Discover fun facts, updates and stories behind musicians
Tuesday Travels :
Travel with me around the world and explore different cultures and sound.
Written Words for Wednesday :
Let's discuss wise words from famous writers and poets.
Thursday at the Theater :
Visit the theater with me to enjoy great soundtracks
Friday's Fix :
Look back on the week as I bring you my best pick of songs for the week

Staff and Cast

  • Producer : Mikyung Shin
  • Host : David Kim
  • Writer : Christine Oh