• Introduction



  • Saturday, Sunday 07:00 ~ 09:00 (AM)
  • Saturday, Sunday 22:00 ~ 24:00 (PM)

Overview of Programs

  • The World Classics will get you going for the weekend, keep you inspired, and even discover interesting facts about the wide world of music.


Setting The tone

  • Set the tone for your day with the World Classics and find interesting connections between what's happening in the world and what we celebrate in a new day.

Les Artistes

  • In Les Artistes, or "The Artists" we focus on the work of an artist or an ensemble which has brought special attention to their music or artistic output in general and have gained public appeal. Also, this is a segment to highlight up and coming artists.

Echoes of Asia

  • Let the "echoes" of traditional music from throughout Asia inspire your morning.


  • All aspects of the movie industry -but especially it's music- is explored each weekend in "Cinematic."

Viva Vivaldi

  • In this segment, we explore some of the most exciting classic Baroque style music ever written.

And All That Jazz

  • Jazz up your morning with jazz, jazz-inspired or just "Jazzy" selections on "And All That Jazz."


  • In "Americana" we explore the land of America to find music which has made the American music scene so attractive and varied.

Somewhere Over The World

  • Travel with the World Classics to all the different corners of the world as music in all its shapes and forms is explored in "Somewhere Over the World."

Opera Theater

  • Music has a long history of combining story and song, and in "Opera Theater" we take a look and a listen to the world of the lyric stage.

Staff and Cast

  • Executive Producer : Mikyung Shin
  • Producer : Changmin Ji
  • Host : Christopher Temporelli
  • Writer : Daniel Shin