• Introduction



Saturday~Sunday 18:00~19:40

Overview of Programs

Movie reviews, Korean & international movie news,interesting conversations with film directorsfilm festival programmers about the Asian cinemaothers.

Weekly Segments


  • New Releases: covers the newest releases in Korean cinema (Reporter : Ethan Campbell) .
  • Films of Future/Passed: covers stories ofrelating to film history, celebrity births/deaths, film news,film festivals.
  • Echoes of Cinema: sound clips from different movies, usually all connected to one movie (a new movie at the cinema center is playing we look at different movies its directoractors made) (Reporter : Michael Garrett)


  • Movie Grab Bag: A segment with many different possibilities including a trivia game, a review/discussion of a new movie, a review/discussion of an old movie, a roundup of Korean movies, an exploration of movies from a specific actor/director/writer,an in-depth exploration of a specific film composer (Reporter : Ethan Campbell)
  • Cinephiles Club: An in-depth discussion on various topics related to cinema. (Reporter : Timothy Paugh Daniel)


  • Producer : Tina Park 
  • Host : Mike Payne Wheeler
  • Writer : Ethan Campbell