• Introduction


Time Monday ~ Friday, 16:00-18:00

Main Content

4PM is the new happy hour!
It’s around the time we wrap up after a long day.
This program will be filled with good music, interesting stories and
fun conversations to provide energy for your afternoon. !
The 4PM Duo


Daily Segments

  • Big-Small Talk : Theme-based chit-chat
  • Say What : Learning In-Ssa words (hot urban words) through skits. No more boring textbook ways of learning Korean and English!
  • Today’s Expression
  • Your Pick @ 5:30 : We want to share your moment at 5:30pm every day.
  • On the Mic Busan : Stories of Busan citizens and foreigners visiting Busan.
    We will hear personal stories of people, their lives and about Busan.

Weekly Segments


  • Survey Survival : Learning the trends through interesting surveys (Haley)


  • Musa’s 머라카노 (what did you say?) :
    May we become men of Busan with Musa


  • David’s ‘who cares!’ : David brings news with a twist (David)


  • Hana’s Cine Pick :No more clichéd movie introductions.
    We’ll now have awesome movie discussions with a film festival planner! (Hana Jo)


  • Sun’s Pop Pops : Sing songs all the way through to the end!
    ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles, Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie jean’… Learn the lyrics and
    even the hidden meanings behind the pop songs you only knew the chorus to!
    We’ll help you so you can sing these songs all the way through! (SUN)

Staff and Cast

Cho Yunjin

Nick Greenwood &
Stephanie Yoon
Kyounghwa Hong