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Morning Wave in Busan is an early-bird news show featuring current affairs and extensive analyses of issues with entertaining human interest topics featured every day.
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  • 2020-02-2711th anniversary winners11th anniversary winners! Congrats!010 - 91XX - 1603010 - 89XX - 5816 010 - 41XX - 0689010 - 82XX - 2997010 - 28XX - 8009010 - 45XX - 2296 카톡 Winners:김재우님허기훈님Hee Jeong님요아힘님양영심님
  • 2019-12-12Morning Wave in Busan Gift List Prizes: * a free voucher for two drinks and a tiramisu for Cafe Genoa in 남포동.  Enjoy their hand crafted drinks and cakes made from scratch in a traditional 한복-themed cafe ⇒    *A cake voucher for Pain De Elysian in Centum City and 덕천.  Enjoy organic pastries and cakes freshly made by the Korea Master Baker.⇒   *A voucher for food and drinks at Busan's leading cocktail bar Fuzzy Navel.  Enjoy great Mexican food while watching some spectacular cocktail shows. ⇒   *Also, a voucher for food and drinks at “Fuzzy Navel My Pub,” a cozy spot just for you.    *Tickets to Busan National Science Museum,  open from 9:30am to 5:30 pm everyday except Mondays.  If you know science, you can see the future. ⇒   *Tickets to the showing of National Theater Live (NT-Live).   Winners will get a pair of tickets to the entire season’s performances:     Hedda Gabler, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.   On at Busan Culture Center on Oct 6, Nov 10, Feb 15 and Feb 29 at 2pm and 6pm⇒   *A pair of tickets for the stage production If, Only,   a special Christmas production at Busan Metro Hall inside Gwangan Station.   On through December 31 at 8pm Tuesday through Friday,  3pm and 6pm on Saturday and 2pm and 5pm on Sunday.

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