Eric Plese’s Good Evening MON-SAT 20:00~21:00 Eric Plese


This show is here to help you relax after a hard day's work and reenergize your mind and body. Besides great music there are discussions about the humanities. Every weekday guest join in and bring inspiring topics from around the world right to your ears. It is a busy world and sometimes can seem overwhelming. That’s why it is important to take some time to listen and heal. This show offers music and programs to help you unwind and prepare you for a better tomorrow


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  • 2020-02-27WINNERS for the 11th ANNIVERSARY 1+1 COFFEE COUPON EVENTWINNERS for the 11th ANNIVERSARY 1+1 COFFEE COUPON EVENTThank  you so much for your participation!  1   27/02/2020      010  87xx 354x 2   27/02/2020      010 9xx5 158x 3   27/02/2020      010 73xx 761x  4   27/02/2020   빵 (카톡)    010 38xx 130x 5   27/02/2020   수x (카톡)   010 51xx 572x 6   27/02/2020   전x주 (카톡)  010 27xx 618x 7   27/02/2020      010 73xx 021x 8   27/02/2020      010 33xx 151x 9   27/02/2020      010 77xx 818x  10   27/02/2020   하x정 (카톡)   010 63xx 919x  11   27/02/2020   김x아 (카톡)   010 77xx 574x 
  • tegan과 함께하는 부산탐방
Eat Play Love with Tegan
  • yuotube befm drama

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